All day long, all day fun! Our Kids Christian Academy operates from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Your child will surely have a great time meeting friends and learning new skills with our different programs:

Infant Care (for 6 weeks to 4 years old)

  • Basic Reading Skills
  • Sign Language Learning
  • Writing Letters
  • Learning Respect and Courtesy – Saying “Please” and “Thank You”
  • Magical Story Time
  • Physical Development through Sports and Athletics
  • Learning about Weather and Seasons
  • Learning about the Days of the Week
  • Craft and Construction Projects
  • Coloring Activities
  • Forming Numbers and Letters
  • Tossing and Catching Games
  • Simple Words and Daily Objects
  • Recognizing Different Shapes

Summer Camp

  • Puzzles and Problem Solving
  • Field Trips to the Zoo or Museum
  • Pet Care
  • Learning New Languages
  • Story Telling
  • Outdoor Fun
  • Swimming
  • Learning about the Earth and Astronomy
  • Camping
  • Theatre and Plays
  • Basketball Camp
  • Scrapbook Making
  • Wall Climbing
  • Dance Lessons
  • Tree Planting
  • Leadership Exercises

Kindergarten Readiness Program

  • Critical Thinking (Reasoning and Analyzing)
  • Craft Projects, Arts and Painting
  • Science and Health
  • Introduction to Telling Time
  • Group Sports and Athletics
  • Reading and Phonics
  • Addition and Subtraction Exercises
  • Writing Activities
  • Learning Common Objects, Opposites and Synonyms
  • Learning How to Following Directions
  • Values and Good Manners
  • Word Building
  • Music Class and Group Singing
  • Scheduled Field Trips

Afterschool Pick Up
Our Kids Christian Academy also offers Afterschool pick-up services. Your kids will have a great time even in the hours after school. In addition to this program, we can also offer Before School Drop Off for Byram schools only. Please call 601-321-9831 for service availability inquiries in your area.